Anchor Cms In Laravel Part 1

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This took me an age to prepare, probably the hardest 3 minutes of my life but here it goes. The transcript is below incase anyone wants to read through.

Hi Guys, I’m Rob.

I’m a PHP Developer working at Box UK, Cardiff.

I’ve been working in PHP for the best part of 3 years and I’m a fond fan of the Laravel</a> framework, and also a proud early subscriber of Laracasts

So why am I here?

I’m hoping to do a series of screencasts to document my progress building Anchor CMS</a> in Laravel.

Now Laravel is a framework for web artisans. It’s super flexible and just great fun to work in (at least that’s my opinion).

Anchor CMS on the other hand is a really light weight CMS built in nano. It’s probably comparable to something like ghost where the content is written in Markdown and then it is processed and output to a screen.

The difference is this is written in PHP and contains a bit more functionality to do with pages and that whole side of things.

The problem with it though is it’s not really, well to be fair it was created at a time when PHP unit tests and testing in general wasn’t mainstream, not many people were talking about it.

In addition to that composer hadn’t really been created yet so it hadn’t been packaged up / dependency managed.

So the problems with it are that it’s not tested and nor is it very easy to update or extend.

So what am I hoping to achieve by doing these screencasts?

The first and the main goal for me is to improve my confidence and presentation skills. Hopefully by doing these I will be able to have the confidence to move out and start doing talks around Cardiff and elsewhere on various topics.

Another thing I hope to do is learn more about Laravel and how it works.

And finally for you guys hopefully give you inspiration on how I at least write my apps. I’ve noticed from the past that this has helped me by watching other people write apps from a higher perspective.

So thats about it guys,

Thanks for listening