Initial Commit

So finally, after many years of world class procrastination I finally have my first site

And what a beauty she is! From start to finish this site has taken me about 2 days to complete (and many more tinkering). To say I’m pleased is an understatement, not only because it has taken me so long to get this far but also because I did it under my own steam.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to David Darnes, for helping me not only with my snazzy logo but also solving a few of the irritating bugs webkit and friends threw my way.

So who am I?

I’m Rob, a developer from Great Britain. I started coding in 2007 while at school with ASP.NET, a lot of people dislike .net and personally I don’t blame them. But looking back there was a lot of good stuff in the .net framework if you knew what you were doing from the outset… I clearly didn’t!

So one thing lead to another and I made the switch to PHP. Moving over was a breath of fresh air from the often complicated world of xml config files and code behind files. Initially I started using Kohana after being recommended by Richard Standbrook, but I also dabbled in WordPress after discovering its ability to get a basic site up in minutes.

It wasn’t until working on the famed Jigoshop plugin that I discovered all the new things that WordPress could do such as custom post types, routing to name just a few. I also had good fun learning about working on a distributed product to boot!

What’s occurring

Like many in my world I decided I should start writing some of my eureka moments down so:

  1. I now have a reference to check incase I’ve forgotten how to do something.
  2. Hopefully I can save someone else who’s in the same boat some bother.
  3. Finally, so I can share some my ideas with the rest of the world.

Credit where due

It’s going to be a fun ride and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoyed creating them :)