All About Atom

I did this talk way back in November last year but it’s only now I’ve managed to see about putting it on the interwebs.

Apologies the fan noise towards the end, I’m still using an old mac from the days when only rappers had gold macs.

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This time I’m talking about my latest escapades with the open source editor Atom. I really like using this editor as it feels approachable and most importantly for a coder, tweak-able!

In the talk I go through how atom works and some of the changes I’ve made to it to make it work for me. I also look at other projects which have benefitted from the work done on Atom and it’s child project Electron

Since then I’ve removed a lot of stuff that I originally had added, this is mostly to squeeze as much performance as possible out of atom as it can still be a bit of a sloth at times (usually when you’re trying to do just one quick change).

And as always thanks for watching!