Deue 1.2

It’s been a while but Deue’s finally been in for a facelift. Say hello to 1.2

This update brings with it a new shortcode which allows you to show when the post is expiring either as a date or a really simple javascript powered countdown

You can grab the latest over at codecanyon, that’s all folks!

I’m sorry, Deue is no longer available on codecanyon.

Pattern Passwords

Let’s face it we all hate coming up with a password, especially if we forget what it is!

Meet my old password, it was a 12 character monstrosity full of numbers, punctuation and buckets of frustration! In the end I decided enough was enough this password had to go, but what would be it’s replacement? The answer lay in Android’s pattern lock screen.

For the uninitiated the pattern lock screen can only be unlocked when the user joins the dots up in a certain order. It’s a very simple yet surprisingly secure way of locking your smartphone, unlike numbers or passwords there is no personal connection so it can’t be guessed!

An Androids Lockscreen

I decided to apply this concept to my keyboard using the keys as ‘dots’ where I could draw a pattern on. Starting from q I travel 3 columns along to e and then 3 rows down to z. So from there you can draw any pattern you like (eg a square would be q > w > s > a).

I’m not sure how secure this is but I find it much easier to remember and so far it as proven just as secure as any other password I’ve used. If anyone has stats on how effective this is I’d love to see them.

That’s all folks!

Initial Commit

So finally, after many years of world class procrastination I finally have my first site

And what a beauty she is! From start to finish this site has taken me about 2 days to complete (and many more tinkering). To say I’m pleased is an understatement, not only because it has taken me so long to get this far but also because I did it under my own steam.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to David Darnes, for helping me not only with my snazzy logo but also solving a few of the irritating bugs webkit and friends threw my way.

So who am I?

I’m Rob, a developer from Great Britain. I started coding in 2007 while at school with ASP.NET, a lot of people dislike .net and personally I don’t blame them. But looking back there was a lot of good stuff in the .net framework if you knew what you were doing from the outset… I clearly didn’t!

So one thing lead to another and I made the switch to PHP. Moving over was a breath of fresh air from the often complicated world of xml config files and code behind files. Initially I started using Kohana after being recommended by Richard Standbrook, but I also dabbled in WordPress after discovering its ability to get a basic site up in minutes.

It wasn’t until working on the famed Jigoshop plugin that I discovered all the new things that WordPress could do such as custom post types, routing to name just a few. I also had good fun learning about working on a distributed product to boot!

What’s occurring

Like many in my world I decided I should start writing some of my eureka moments down so:

  1. I now have a reference to check incase I’ve forgotten how to do something.
  2. Hopefully I can save someone else who’s in the same boat some bother.
  3. Finally, so I can share some my ideas with the rest of the world.

Credit where due

It’s going to be a fun ride and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoyed creating them :)